Welcome to G+L Studio. We are Gregory Michael Imler and Lisa S. Town, a photography duo based in Seattle and Los Angeles specializing in fashion, beauty, portrait and architecture.

For us photography has always been about more than simply capturing a moment as an image. It means a connection, a connection to a story, a connection to emotion, a connection to who we are. This is what we bring to each of our clients — a perspective that taps into more than simply creating a static image. We strive to understand where each of our clients is coming from, and let that guide the creative process.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than meeting with clients and listening to their vision, understanding what moves them and speaks to them. Together we bring a true collaborative ethos to each project that pushes the boundaries of creativity.


Our Story

We’ve always been artists who thrive in a collaborative, team environment, and after a long period as friends and colleagues, we began to realize that we could be open and honest about our goals, ideas, and overall vision. Ultimately, we saw that all of those elements and approaches perfectly aligned. That was when we knew we had to work together and create in a much bigger way.

So we teamed up on some projects and immediately realized, not only were things running seamlessly, we were bringing out the best in each other. It wasn’t a case of one photographer assisting another. We shared the vision and supported each other as we created it. Since then, we’ve been able to effortlessly exchange roles between photographer, creative director, lighting director, digital tech, and stylist. For some projects, we even shoot at the same time, but tackling different areas and needs. It just depends on the day and the client, but whatever it is, we are always in sync.

Lisa S. Town

A native of NW Washington, Lisa has a rich, creative background with more than 15 years’ experience in the art and design industry. Her childhood was spent on her family’s sprawling farm on the Olympic Peninsula — an experience that forged her bond to the wonders of nature and our interaction with it. She holds a B.A. in Art, has a license in Landscape Architecture, and is trained in fine art photography. Her work has taken her from the U.S., to Mexico City, and Europe, and she has spent the majority of her career studying the relationship between people and space, creating both physical environments and two-dimensional visualizations focused on the emotional connection as well as the physical experience. The most common description used by viewers of Lisa’s photography are “expressive” and “evocative” because of the way in which she captures the emotional movement of the subject and the connection with the space, whether on location or in the studio. 

Gregory Michael Imler

Gregory is a Southern California native who has filled his life with avenues of expression. In a childhood full of music, writing, and visual art, his fascination with photography began after discovering his father’s manual film camera. His creative pursuits led him to earn a B.A. in Audio Engineering, a degree in Journalism, and to study French in Paris, but photography remained a constant vehicle for expression that also fueled his sense of adventure and discovering new places. Early influences like William Eggleston and Stephen Shore ultimately taught him to see the beauty and the remarkable in the vast, developed reaches of the urban landscape around him — it’s a philosophy that he has carried forward as he embraced portraiture and fashion photography full time. His style strives to mix a strong sense of narrative and romanticism with close attention to space, form, and line.